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Artchitectonical Concrete – Benjamin Moore

Create your own Grand Canyon

The inspiration for creating this exceptional architectural concrete was the Grand Canyon. This product lets you achieve effects as spectacular as the Grand Canyon, which is considered one of the natural wonders of the Earth. Step out of the beaten track in interior finishing!

To let you easily obtain the style of the American canyon in your home and mimic its incredible texture, the manufacturer used concrete, which allows effortless, pleasant and free application.

Interestingly, the first ever official application of the Colorado® decorative plaster was in the apartment of Polish volleyball player Zbigniew Bartman, located in the Warsaw “Cosmopolitan” high-rise building at Twarda Street.

Colorado® Concrete Effect architectural concrete is a combination of mineral ingredients. It’s a fine mineral-acrylic plaster, which has the fashionable loft grey colour. In addition to its great aesthetic value, it’s also incredibly resistant to mechanical damage and microbes, which makes it suitable for every interior and exterior (also for exterior wall decoration).

The concrete texture provides a fascinating contrast for pronounced colours and unorthodox shapes without sacrificing stylistic harmony. Items made of steel, glass or wood also make up for an excellent addition. It’s also perfect for a minimalist style, being a fantastic decoration in and of itself.

Architectural concrete by Benjamin Moore is ideal for all styles of interiors – from classic to industrial. A smooth finishing will suit both large and small interiors, while rough and more decorative textures are better for spacious areas.

Product information:

  • Coverage: ca. 8-1.0 kg / m2 for two-layered application, depending on the application method and selected effect.
  • Colour: “loft grey”.
  • Price: PLN 250 per 10 kg package (includes 23% VAT)
  • Packaging: 10 kg, 20 kg