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The Off White Colors palette by Benjamin Moore

Timeless elegance

The now-classic Off White Colors palette was created in the 1980s by the owner of the exclusive Benjamin Moore brand. Off White Colors are 140 bright shades, classic and elegant.

White is not as obvious and simple as it appears. It has a great number of shades and intermediate hues, which are responsible for its popularity and timelessness. That’s why it’s such a fixture among architects of modern interior décor. Its greatest value is its inherent and unobvious variety.

Benjamin Moore’s Off White Colors is a combination of seemingly contradictory features – it is refined while being hugely universal. The palette brings a calm and relaxed feel to interiors, and provides excellent contrast in highly-colourful areas.

The white colour evokes clear positive emotions. Contrary to appearances, the palette of bright off-white shades offers a plethora of applications.

Off-White Colors are divided into warm and cool tones. The warm tones are whites with the addition of yellow, pink or bronze halftones, adding a warm, cosy feel to interiors. The cool tones are enhanced by mint green or blue-grey tones, which can make any room look larger.

So, is the White House really white?

Judging by its name, the White House, which is the official residence of US Presidents, should be white. However, it’s not really the case. In 1814, after it was burnt down by the British, it was painted a light-grey colour. This is proof of the diversity of white in its tones and its universality.

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