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Furniture refurbishment and woodworking to order

Our services

Furniture refurbishment is like time travel. It gives a new life to old things. It can also be the solution for everyone who wants to quickly and easily freshen up their interior without the need to renovate everything. Sometimes very little is needed to change the look of your interior and achieve a spectacular effect.

There are many methods and techniques of furniture refurbishment, depending on the base material and condition, as well as the desired effect. The most basic and fundamental step is to clean the furniture, preparing it for further refurbishment processes.

The whole process usually involves the repair of old or damaged furniture followed by conservation, cleaning and decoration. This is just a general description, as the course of work and choice of tools and methods is influenced by a number of factors.

When the preliminary work is done and the furniture is functional and protected to stay useful for years, we can create a new design for it, which is optional. Many people only want to restore their old furniture to their former glory, which involves removing any defects, making repairs and thorough cleaning. History buffs and collectors usually want to keep the old design, as they love everything about the old furniture and want to preserve its original look to the greatest possible extent.

However, if the refurbishment process involves freshening up the style, paints with new eye-catching colours are often used. Sometimes it is enough to apply new colours to achieve an incredible result and change furniture beyond recognition, giving the interior a completely new character.

MJM Studio cooperates with the best craftsmen who refurbish and make new furniture to order. We can make individual furniture elements and also custom furniture. We refurbish old furniture in terms of woodworking and upholstery We give new life to old furniture.