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Decorative wallpapers and photo wallpapers

Spectacular interior finishing

One of the ways to achieve an interesting and original interior décor is to use a wallpaper. When decorated with it, walls acquire a new character and the whole interior receives an air of originality and charm. Wallpapers give you unlimited possibilities. Such a decorative finishing on the walls can be used to great effect in any style of interior. This is facilitated by the richness of patterns and colours.

Wallpapers were immensely popular in the 1980s and 90s. The, with the advent of the 21st Century and a major shift in trends, they were put aside. They came to be associated with bad taste and ugliness. The walls in the majority of homes and flats were covered exclusively by paint.

However, everything that is known, classic and good is bound to come back eventually. Today, wallpapers are seeing their second heyday and the stunning diversity of available types and patterns opens up a great space for creativity.

Wallpaper types

There is also a great variety of wallpaper types – with different special properties, base materials and application methods.

These include vinyl wallpapers, which are resistant to sunlight and don’t fade away. They are also highly resistant to moisture and washable, which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Non-woven fabric wallpapers use modern application technologies, which makes for easy and quick placement and the special fabric at the bottom protects the wallpaper from creasing and tearing.

Fibreglass wallpapers are extraordinary products, which resemble classic and elegant canvas. They are durable, moisture-resistant and can be safely cleaned. They can also be personalised using vinyl paint.

Decorative wallpapers can be either non-woven fabric, vinyl or fibreglass, depending on the manufacturer and the materials selected for production. The most important aspect of these wallpapers is their wide range of patterns, colours, styles and even textures. Strictly decorative wallpapers can have a velour or cork-like structure or come as photo wallpapers, which are mostly used as an additional decoration rather than main wall finishing.

Our showroom offers numerous interior decor and equipment items, supplemented by wallpapers and photo wallpapers by well-known and reliable brands from all over the world. We provide high-quality wallpapers, including:











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