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Furniture and decorative fabrics

Our range

Decorative and utility fabrics open up a whole new world for imagination and endless creativity in interior finishing and décor. The rich selection of colours, patterns and materials lets you create personalised pillows, net curtains, curtains, bedspreads and tablecloths. These fabrics can also be used for furniture refurbishment and upholstery refreshing using your own design.

Putting emphasis on quality and uniqueness, we use only fabrics made by esteemed brands, both Polish and European. We have both modern and classic patterns and the diversity of available solutions allows wide application. Jacquard, tulle, silk, velour, linen, plush, high-quality cotton and many more. The wide range of widths, colours and textures lets you achieve a unique design.

Making your own decorations from decorative fabrics makes your interior more personal. It’s a perfect opportunity to create something from scratch and express your creativity. Decorative fabrics create an inimitable style. Hand-made details are a way to introduce some magic and warmth into your room. If you are looking for decorative elements that will meet your requirements, look no further. Thanks to our fabrics, you can rest assured that your decorations are in good hands.



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