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Unique interior finishing

Novacolor textured stucco

Textured stucco is an alternative to richly decorated wallpapers and a unique element of interior finishing. There are a large number of textures and colours imitating plasterwork to choose from. The effect of using textured stucco is so incredible that no words can do it justice. It creates a hugely unique and individual space with a distinct character.

Application is very easy and the final result is not at all obvious and depends not only on the selected texture. The key is the tools and application method, as well as the user’s vision. The same stucco can be used in a number of different ways, with varying results.

When using textured stucco always remember the following.

  • It can be applied on an unplastered base, but it must be smooth, so before use traditionally apply plaster to rough walls.
  • It is advisable to use a primer on the base before applying.

MJM Studio provides textured stucco by the Italian company Novacolor, which is the world pioneer in this type of products. The products offered include mineral, metallic, and reflective plasters, decorative rust, decorative concrete and the wall2floor system. Each of the presented categories has its own distinctive properties and characteristics and is suitable for a different interior.

For example, mineral plaster gives a pronounced and strong effect with a deep texture. This style is rather demanding and is best suited for industrial-style apartments and restaurants. Mineral plaster can help achieve the effect of stucco, concrete, rock or travertine. Novacolor also has some truly unique propositions, such as Archi+Concrete and Marmorino KS, which are great for the most luxurious interiors, bringing highly extraordinary aesthetic qualities.

You are only limited by your imagination!

More information on www.novacolor.pl

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